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October 2021

How to make sure no resource goes to waste? By collaborating with partners with an equally sustainable mission. You do not build a circular economy by yourself, but together we can create a circular (coffee) ecosystem! We are happy to share our collaboration with Circular Matters, a like minded spirit.  What do they make?

 Materials inspired by nature, designed for impact


The materials sector is one of the most polluting in the world. Does that really have to be the case? Circular Matters does not think so. They are working towards a world where we don’t have to pollute or exhaust our forests, seas and oceans to create materials. Their technology uses biomass of plant origin to produce materials through clean processes. Circular Matters combines quality and aesthetics with a circular material design and local production. They make panels for the furniture industry and create 3D printed objects.

We met Pieter Dondeyne (founder) in Brussels and were inmediatly captured by their products. The interest was mutual. Dondeyne was interested in the Caffe Inc. coffee blocks because he believes in reusing organic stream, but also because the coffee blocks are a better resource than normal coffee waste.

The coffee blocks have a low lipid (oil) and moisture content. This makes them easier to use in the process and doesn’t leave an oily film on the end-product.

In collaboration with designer Filip Janssens Circular Matters developed the Coffee Booowls, made with Caffe Inc. coffee blocks. We think they are lovely and cannot wait for more coffee block based materials by this company!

For Caffe Inc. this is only the beginning. We are scaling-up our technology and show what is possible if we start looking differently at the materials around us. Eager to learn more about Caffe Inc.’s coffee blocks? We are always looking for collaborations with inspiring companies!

Do you want to know more about the material from Circular Matters?

For more info about Circular Matters: Circular Matters

And the collaboration with Filip Janssens: Flanders DC – Pieter Dondeyne van Circular Matters

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