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We want to give people the power to participate in the transition towards a world where every resource is used to its fullest potential. Our ultimate goal is to become the world’s largest biorefinery for coffee waste. With our interdisciplinary team and complementary personalities we are dedicated to make a change for the better; starting with your daily cup of coffee. We are not merely recycling coffee waste, we create value. We make products that fit your customers conscious lifestyle.


Our values are:

  • Quality
    We offer high quality natural coffee based products
  • Care for the planet
    We take care by making the most of what nature offers, closing resource loops and making sure our internal processes are environmental friendly.
  • Passion
    Our team is passionately driven to change the world for the better. We are continuously working on improving our products and services, without compromising.


Join our team

Process operator:

Do you have technical knowledge on running machines and are you hands-on? We might be looking for you!

Quality Control Support: 

In this part-time job position you will support us with the quality control of Caffe Inc. upcycled coffee ingredients. You will support us on setting-up the in-house analytical methods and subsequently execute the quality control of the ingredients made at the production location.

Our team

Marie Claire Zernitz

With Caffe Inc., everything came together for Marie Claire. A start-up, a motivated team, a business related to coffee and making a positive impact made Caffe Inc. a great opportunity for her. Marie Claire has gained a lot of experience working for Unilever and NS Stations, as well as running her own sustainable snacks start-up.

With her background and commercial skills, we look forward to taking Caffe Inc. to the next level with Marie Claire as CEO!

Evaluna Marquez

For Evaluna Caffe Inc. is much more than developing a great idea. It is about becoming pioneers on waste valorization and demonstrating that nowadays waste equals value. Evaluna is determined to share this great circular solution with the world!

Evaluna is a dedicated scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about the bio-based economy. In 2018, the idea of making printing ink out of coffee waste started. Evaluna brings her expertise in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences to the team. Due to her analytical thinking and experience in the laboratory she manages the development of the CaffeInc technology.

Peter Teku

Peter has a lot of experience in starting up plants in the food industry. So he knows what it takes to bring the Caffe Inc. recycling plant to a next level.

Peter is originally from Cameroon and he arrived in The Netherlands with a student visa. He studied Chemical Engineering in Rotterdam and worked in the cocoa industry for 11 years. Not only is Peter super motivated to create a positive impact on the environment. He also brings a whole lot of experience in production management, safety and efficiency on the production floor.

Eeke Bastiaansen

Eeke is excited to help Caffe Inc. grow and achieve its mission of becoming the world’s largest biorefinery for spent coffee grounds.

With a background in international environmental policy, climate diplomacy and sustainable entrepreneurship, Eeke has a deeply-grounded passion for sustainability and working towards a more durable and circular society. Currently pursuing a MSc in Climate Studies, Eeke joined Caffe Inc. to continue contributing to the sustainability transition next to her studies. Eeke is Caffe Inc.’s admin support and office manager.

Krzysztof Jasienski

Krzysztof is a MSc student in Analytical Chemistry with a background in Biotechnology. He came to Caffe Inc. to have a real chance for making our world more sustainable.

His goal is to apply the practical knowledge and, by assessing the oil quality, to improve the whole process of recycling coffee waste. With his passion of nature-based products and creative thinking, he tries to reuse coffee in many different fields, e.g. personal care or biodiesel industry. Good time management allows him to combine studies and internship without any problems.

Jin Rahimi

Jin works as a process operator at Caffe Inc. Working in sustainability and circular industry is a good new experience for him.  He believes we all come from nature and we need to take care of it. That’s the reason why he joined Caffe Inc.: because we have a beautiful perspective towards nature and sustainability

Being the first coffee refinery in Netherlands is interesting and challenging but we are moving forward every day.

Board of advice

Caffe Inc.’s dedicated core team is supported by an experienced advisory board. Currently the advisory board consists of two members with experience in building and growing sustainable start-ups and companies.

Elfrieke van Galen

Elfrieke van Galen is a sustainability and business expert. She has a legal background and extensive management experience in the logistics and service industries. She has over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry as Managing Director of KLM Cityhopper, KLM’s UK CEO, Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communication at KLM. Currently, Elfrieke is partner at TheRockGroup and full fills several non- executive roles.

Daphne Truijens

Daphne Truijens has an academic background in law and philosophy and has 7 years of experience in research-driven innovation. She scouts (academic) research and translates it into accessible information and useful tools, in co-creation with governments and businesses, and empowers the next generation of researchers to do the same!  Former positions include: project manager of the Valorisation Program Rotterdam, project manager Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Founder of THRIVE PhD Academy, Lead Circular Economy and Healthcare Innovation at SMO.

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