Coffee blocks

Upcycled coffee blocks

Start building a circular economy with our coffee blocks


For the bio-based material industry we offer Caffe Inc. coffee blocks. By making use of coffee blocks you reduce your environmental impact and make your product future proof!

We offer the coffee blocks in different particle sizes. The coffee blocks are applicable in a wide range of applications

Scrubs (personal care)
Soil improver

100% natural, eco-friendly and circular

Caffe Inc. coffee blocks are a cellulose rich material, with various application possibilities. Making biomaterials from coffee waste is gaining traction. The difficulty with normal coffee waste is that it has a high lipid (oil) concentration. The oil is a nuisance in the process, either limiting the use in injection moulding or creating an oily film in the surface of the material. The Caffe Inc. blocks, however, have a low lipid concentration. This makes our blocks even better to work with than normal coffee waste. Moreover, our coffee blocks have a low moisture content and come in different particle sizes.

The coffee blocks can be used in many applications, such as:

  • Scrubs (personal care)
  • Panels (e.g. furniture)
  • 3D-printed objects
  • Unique coffee paper
  • Soil improver (substrate)

Why only drink coffee if you can also build with it?

Make impact with Caffe Inc. coffee blocks

We make use of resources that are already there.

  • Are 100% natural, eco-friendly and circular
  • No land competion with food crops within the EU
  • Carbon stays locked in the material and therefore CO2 emmissions are prevented

Image: Coffee booowls, a collaboration between Circular Matters and designer Filip Janssens – with Caffe Inc. Coffee blocks

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