Natural coffee colorants

Upcycled coffee ink

Turn your world into 50 shades of brown


For the textile industry we offer coffee colorants. Our coffee colorants are completely natural and have good light and wash properties. Ready to turn your world into 50 shades of brown?


The colorants can be used in different applications

Textile dyeing
Silk screen printing
Printing ink (in R&D)

100% natural, eco-friendly and circular

Caffe Inc. has found a revolutionary way of connecting the coffee and colouring industries. The coffee colorant application as natural textile dye has been validated in the market. Our coffee colorants are a replacement for synthetic dyes. With the recovered colorants we provide an environmentally friendly alternative to dark colorants, now mostly produced in unfriendly ways (i.e. synthetic dyes are petrochemical based).

The eco-friendly colorants can  be used in:

  • Textile dye
  • Silk screen print – on textile
  • Coloring paper

Other applications in R&D:

  • Silk screen print – on paper
  • Printing ink
  • Cosmetics
  • Food colorant

Caffe Inc. brings colorants to the market any user can be truly proud of!

Why use natural coffee colorants?

We make use of resources that are already there. By making use of spent coffee grounds, our product:

  • Is 100% natural, eco-friendly and circular
  • Includes no petro-chemicals
  • Saves on CO2 emmissions and has no polluting process streams

Image: Bonne Suits X Caffe Inc.  |  The Coffee Suit  |  Photo by Maarten van der Kamp

Upcycled coffee oil

Upcycled coffee blocks

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